Belitsa is situated in Southwest Bulgaria, at an odd crossroads between three mountains: Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes, occupying part of the territory of Rila National Park. Tourist attractions in the destination are the exceptional natural features, the Semkovo mountain resort, the only one in Eastern Europe Park for re-adaptation of dancing bears in Bulgaria, preserved Renaissance residential architecture, archaeological monuments, Thracian settelments, ethnographic and folklore richness of the area. The wonderful, preserved nature allows Belitsa to offer interesting opportunities for active and pleasant individual and collective recreation of the ecotourism and hobbytourism lovers. Biodiversity is interpreted and 6 pedestrian eco-paths are marked in the Musala part of the Rila Mountain, two of which enter the territory of the Rila National Park. Each eco-route is dedicated to a separate topical theme - the temple of eternity, the charm of the peat, the traces of the glacier, the lord of the mountains, the guardian of life and the flying flowers. You will return to Belitsa every season because it has something to offer you, because the experience in Belitsa is unforgettable and beneficial.

Part of the history of Belitsa, which can not be missed, is the Thracian settlement. In this region, some of the most ancient traces of human civilization dating back to the Neolithic age have been discovered. An ancient tombstone is found here, located in the region of the Thracian settlements, in the high mountain area Babyashka Chuka, located north of Belitsa.

For the lovers of history the cultural center of Belitsa maintains one of the largest ethnographic museums in Bulgaria – with exhibits from the time of the Thracian and Roman epochs to the Soviet Declaration of War of 1944.

Belitsa is an ideal place for alpine sports lovers, as it has a rich history of sports such as skiing and hiking. The Semkovo mountain resort, situated 17 km from the city, rises 600 meters above sea level and attracts visitors throughout the year. The government has built a number of eco-paths that pass through some of the most virgin nooks of the country.

What makes Belitsa a special place?

The Dancing Bears Park is one of the special "cheerful" attractions in Belitsa. It is the largest of its kind in Europe and is home to a growing population of bears saved, who are preparing to return to their natural environment. The park is funded by the Bridget Bardo Foundation and the Municipality of Belitsa.

The trip to Belitsa will not be complete if you do not taste the delicious local dishes and if you do not enjoy the celebrations after dinner. A visit to one of the old-style restaurants in the city where you can try Mediterranean-style dishes ends with traditional Belitsa songs that are sung around the tables.

Belitsa is a town immersed in history and the municipality has taken the necessary measures to keep it that way. Environmental issues are always on the agenda, and new environmental measures are constantly improving.

Life in Belitsa is bubbling throughout the year, as festivals and various events are constantly organized in the city. Both Muslims and Christians live in the region, whose religious rituals bring revival during the holidays.


The last week of February - The Winter Fiesta "Bela Itsa" is a two-day winter holiday featuring the citizens of Belitsa, tourists and students from the Technical University, the Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski", UACEG and New Bulgarian University. There are sporadic and entertaining sports competitions and games, performances of amateurs from the municipality and from the Blagoevgrad region, which perform the typical for the different settlements folklore. The holiday is held in the Semkovo resort, located 17 km away from the town of Belitsa.

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