Kardzhali, a town with extraordinary past and rich history, is located in the heart of the Eastern Rhodope mountain, on the two banks of the ancient Arda river. For three millennia, it has been the cradle of various civilizations and cultures. This region is a unique mixture of historical monuments dating back to antiquity, unique natural phenomena and inaccessible mountain massifs.

The region of Kardzhali is well known for its numerous fortresses and temples dating back to antiquity. In combination with the rich, varied and well preserved natural heritage, the region has the opportunity to become a major competitor of already established Bulgarian destinations with similar resources, in case of good management of the resources, a professional approach towards the offering and an adequate and effective marketing of the product within a short period of time.

The municipality of Kardzhali has a potential for developing sustainable tourism based on the preserved unique natural, cultural and historical heritage and the water resources of the region which is distinguished by its attractive relief. Tourism has been established as an important branch of the economy of the municipality and generates revenues for the municipality, the business and the local population by means of developing and improving the skills for offering high-quality tourist services.

The local cultural and ecological tourist product is offered as a unique authentic experience in the conditions of well-preserved natural and cultural environment, by including possibilities for cross-border routes.

The attractive natural environment, the preserved folklore, customs and crafts are a prerequisite for the development of rural tourism. The local folk festivals may have a great emotional impact. The numerous ecological paths in the municipality are an interesting tourist product.

The municipality of Kardzhali is characterized by a convenient location considering its proximity to the Greek border and the utilization of the possibilities for cross-border cooperation.

The ancient inhabitants of our land bequeathed us a heritage consisting of numerous monuments from various historical periods; prehistoric findings, Thracian tombs and Roman bridges.





It has been held annually since 2001. The purpose of this festival is to support the common European idea for preserving the rich diversity of the cultural heritage and turn it into a bridge linking the past, the present and the future of the peoples on the Balkan Peninsula, in Europe and Asia.

At first, it was a theatre festival but later the other forms of scenic art were included in it – music, ballet, dancing. The June festival has become an interesting entertaining activity attracting visitors keen on art and antiquity and serves as an advertisement of Perperikon.

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