Kystendil is known as the town of mineral springs, cherries and apples. It is the birthplace of one of the greatest Bulgarian painters – Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora. The town is located in the westernmost parts of Bulgaria and is characterizes by unique variety of reliefs. It has been cut up by divine mountains surrounding a number of fertile hollows and picturesque valleys, through which rivers are passing like silver strings. Back in the V-VI century B.C., the Thracians discovered the healing capacity of the hot mineral water and later, owing to this water, the Romans turned the town into a fortress and a balneological resort called Pautalia – one of the major ancient towns of the province of Thrace. The late- and mid-antiquity fortress Hisarlaka is located in the highest flat section of Hisarlaka hill, which rises about 2 km southeast of Kyustendil. The fortress was built in the end of the IV century and the beginning of the V century. Restored in the VI century, it survived the First and the Second Bulgarian states. The fortress on Hisarlaka hill is one of the most important on the territory of Bulgaria.

With its 40 mineral springs, Kyustendil is known as a centre for balneotherapy. Owing to its mineral composition, the water is very suitable for treating male and female sterility, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, traumatic-orthopedic and neuralgic diseases.

The Roman baths, which are one of the symbols of the town, serve as a proof that the town was once a major resort from ancient times. The baths date back to the II-III century. They have been declared an archeological monument of national importance.

Kystendil is the pivotal point for Osogovo mountain and its highest peak Ruen /2251 m/. It is easily accessible and passable/. The marked tourist routes of various length and level of difficulty pass through areas that have a wide variety of rare, protected and endangered types of plants. There are three ski slopes providing excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Kyustendil is the place where the track of the European cycling route “Along the route of the iron curtain” enters the territory of Bulgaria.


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