Vratsa originated from a rich Thracian settlement and over the centuries remained an important craft trade and later an industrial center. Today Vratsa is a large administrative, economic and cultural center, located at 116 km from the capital Sofia. Vratsa is named after the beautiful rocky gorge "Vratsata", the vertical rocks of which are the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. In the "Gradishteto" area, near the Vratsata Gorge, a 13th century inscription was found, mentioning for the first time the name "Vratitsa”.

Vratsa is a center of active cultural life and is famous for its cultural institutes – the Lyceum "Razvitie", Palace of Culture, Regional History Museum with Art Gallery, Drama-Puppet Theater, Ethnographic - Revival Complex "St. Sofronii Vrachanski”.

The natural sights on the territory of the municipality and the symbols of the city make Vratsa a unique and desirable tourist destination for mountain lovers, alpinism, religious tourism, paragliding and delta-plannerism, speleology, rural and eco tourism. The tourists have at their disposal the ski runs around Parshevitsa hut, the numerous eco-paths and hiking trails.


International Folklore Festival "Vratsa Spring", which is held annually on April 29, April 30 and May 1 in Vratsa.

Annual national march "On the Way of the Botev Detachment"

In 1947, 17 Botev pilgrims-tourists cross the road of the Botev detachment and start the biggest patriotic event in the Bulgarian tourist movement. The march is held annually from May 27 to June 2, 120 km from the Kozloduy coast to Okolchitsa peak. The most numerous were the participants in the campaign in 1976, when 8 600 tourists were involved.

The Banitsa Feast is held in the village of Banitsa, Vratsa municipality in the first ten days of May. The holiday has an 11-year history. Participation in it are banitsa craftsmen from the whole municipality. The culinary exhibition features between 80 and 100 participants, among which the most delicious banitsa are choosen in different categories.

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