EDEN 2007 "Тракийски дух" (културно наследство)


Kardzhali, a town with extraordinary past and rich history, is located in the heart of the Eastern Rhodope mountain, on the two banks of the ancient Arda river. For three millennia, it has been the cradle of various civilizations and cultures. This region is a unique mixture of historical monuments dating back to antiquity, unique natural phenomena and inaccessible mountain massifs.


Kazanlak, located in the valley of roses and Thracian kings, has abundant resources for the development of cultural, event, eco and rural tourism – festivals of the rose and Thracian rulers, preserved traditions, unique archeological monuments and historical heritage extending from the Neolithic age to the National Revival. Over 100 Thracian mounds have been examined so far in the region of Kazanlak, nine of which are open for visitors.


Myths, legends and even traces of the ancient Thracians await the visitors of Belogradchik – the small “white” town in Northwestern Bulgaria, picturesquely situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. The territory of the municipality of Belogradchik is inhabited by the tribal community of the Triballi and their rich history has left this region its numerous myths and traditions and even today the important dates of the ancient Thracian calendar are celebrated as festivals.

Natural heritage:

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